Rosie days and Randolph’s relatives

Back from the Cotswolds after a literary tour around some lovely places- my favourite was Broughton Castle- home to William Fiennes who wrote the book The Music Room- a sensitive story of an unusual childhood in such a fantastic place to call home. It was good to return to Slad too- and see the valley which inspired Cider witth Rosie. I met some lovely people. There was even a melodian player and a few singers at The Woolpack- so all in all a perfect day and a perfect spot.

The day after I met the Canadian relatives of Randolph Douglas, aka Randini- and showed them the places in  Castleton and Sheffield related to this talented and almost forgotten friend and helper of the famous Houdini. Another relative if Randolph’s joined us and then we visited yet another relative who produced cakes and buns as if by magic! it was a lovely day bringing people together.