December already

Well have not done too many posts have I? intended to do more….but it has been an interesting few months.

After the magic talk in Buxton did more talks on Randolph and some on my other books. It is always good to do talks and meet people as something new often turns up or you find some new information. I met a lady who had the handcuffs Houdini is said to have worn when he did a show at the Sheffield Empire and also some more people who remember Randolph and Hettie with fondness as they used to live in Castleton near the Douglas museum.

Another nice event of the year was taking part in The Off The Shelf Literature Festival again- this time with Dr Dave Clarke- on our book about Sheffield Ghosts – ‘Scared to Death.’ It was a full house and some people came in fancy dress which was fab. We had a nice chat with the White Lady and Spring-Heeled Jack!

I did a lino print day workshop with James Green which was good fun, and the other hobby taking off well is playing my ukulele- we did a few folk club gigs and also a ‘ukulele carol strum’ which 80 people came to, so it was very enjoyable.

I did a lead on a stained glass course again and am busy writing some other tours for Derbyshire. There are such wonderful things around it is hard to narrow them down to fit in a tour. It is an enjoyable pastime on a wet and windy dark December afternoon sending your mind’s eye over all the Derbyshire Delights, whist indulging in a glass of mulled wine! Talk about armchair tourist…but will be out wandering soon doing a few fact finding trips.