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January musings

Well its over half way through january so best try and do some blogging! Didn’t do much writing on blog┬álast year as busy with lots of nice things, though it was an up and down time. I worked on some new books for various people and lots of talks too. A walk I did for… Read more »

Hello 2014

Well another year is here. Good workwise so far. Got plenty of talks booked to keep me busy and some new book design projects in the pipeline. E mail is amazing.. I spent the day doing one job a mile from home and another one in Cleveland Ohio…and all from the same room. Bless those… Read more »

December already

Well have not done too many posts have I? intended to do more….but it has been an interesting few months. After the magic talk in Buxton did more talks on Randolph and some on my other books. It is always good to do talks and meet people as something new often turns up or you… Read more »