Hello 2014

Well another year is here. Good workwise so far. Got plenty of talks booked to keep me busy and some new book design projects in the pipeline. E mail is amazing.. I spent the day doing one job a mile from home and another one in Cleveland Ohio…and all from the same room. Bless those pdfs!
I have done some nice walks in between the rain, for pleasure and for research for talks and tours. Derbyshire is so beautiful and so varied Рand what a heritage.  Finding some fab churches and stained glass I had overlooked so far and looking forward to going off to see those.
Having fun playing the ukulele and also seeing some wonderful music…one evening was with City Musique and involving the local carols from villages around here. Another was Gentle Men- a folk music suite about WW1.
I also saw The Illusionists last year. It is a slick magic show. The escapologist Basso from the show has a copy of my Randini book which is great. Basso did the Houdini water torture escape and the upside down straitjacket one too, so nice to know he now knows about his forerunner Randini!

Basso pictured with my book.

basso webpic