Wadsley and Punch and Judy

Interesting walk around Wadsley and the common researching for next book this week. Ghost stories abound around there. Was easy to imagine it was haunted in parts, it was so still. Saw a few nuthatches. Fabulous views. So many lovely places I must explore more. I tend to go to the Peak when there are so many other amazing places. Saw some fine old villages on the way to Macclesfield too the other evening. Chapel on le Frith is much nicer than I had imagined. Cheshire plane hazy blue and Jodrell Bank set like a big white gyroscope.

I visited Portland works again this month, where Brearley (of stainess steel fame) worked. It is such a fascinating and photogenic place. Good artists studios.

I am trying to find out more about a Punch and Judy man who lived on Gleadless Road Sheffield, and marrid the girl next door, for a possible book. Funny they were always called Professor.