A magical time in Buxton

It was great to be asked to speak at the conference of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, British Ring. in Buxton on Sept 7. I talked about Randini. The afternoon, part of a week long conference, was entitled The History of Mystery, and hosted by esteemed magician and history of magic expert Eddie Dawes, whom it was an honour to meet at last . He was very supportive and helpful when I was writing my book. It was fun being surrounded by magicians in the hotel and hearing snatches of conversation about their lives and where they had performed etc. I met some lovely people, including a Dutch magician called Paul, who has a soft spot for Randolph as he makes models too.
There was a magic gala in the evening at Buxton Opera House. Some interesting acts and it’s always a pleasure to be baffled by illusionists! I think my favourite act was a man called Scott who did traditional type magic and looked the part in full evening suit and white tie. Another man called Eduardo had a great stage charisma and slick card tricks.


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